There’s only one you. That’s why we build custom styled bicycles. They are as personal as a bicycle can be.


Made from authentic vintage European racing bicycles.
Bicycles with a history.


Customized with high quality and parts from around the world. Express yourself.


Our single speed bicycles are unique in every way. You won't find these in your local bike shop.


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Custom bicycle build: Valencia

A few days ago our latest custom bicycle build was ready to ride: the Valencia (or Bicicleta Valencia). Inspired by and named after the wonderful Spanish city, this bike represents a more urban / city style and comfort. Btw, for those who haven't been yet to Valencia, please put it on your to-do-list. The blue colour is taken from the flag the Valencian Community and of the city of Valencia. Together with the chrome parts like fork, wheels and white tires this gives a fresh and contemporary look. [+]
Craighton Pure by Achielle, sighted in Antwerp

Achielle shows handmade bicycle production is still possible

For several years, the vintage-style bicycles from Achielle are getting more and more attention. For example in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, the nostalgic bicycle models with names like Jules, Miel and Saar are being seen more often. The Dutch cyclists have a huge range of bicycle brands and models to choose from (variying from popular ones like Sparta, Batavus, Gazelle and Cortina to trendy hipster models by VanMoof and Beick). [+]
Red Chocolate featured at Berlioz
This winter our Red Chocolate custom styled bicycle is featured at the Berlioz store in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Berlioz, home of the master shoemaker Maurits C. Vlot, is one of the few shoemakers who creates made-to-order and even bespoke shoes. His models will let you express yourself through shoes. [+]

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